Gold Mari Premium Glass & Ceramic Vape Kit

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Vaping makes it easy to medicate anywhere, anytime. But many vaporizers have a down side: some have a “burnt” taste. others lack vapor production, and so many have a high defect rate. Say goodbye to the old cartridges, and embrace the new Gold Mari Premium Glass & Ceramic Vape Kit.

Gold Mari has been dedicating enormous amount of effort into R&D. Through countless sleepless night and numerous technical barriers, we are here proudly presenting you the new and only true Ceramic Cell that has no wick, which eliminates any burn taste and flavor alteration. There is no restraint on how hard you can pull. In addition, for the first time, connoisseurs such as yourself will be able to enjoy pure CO2 oil that has not been cut at all.

We only use True CO2 extraction to offer the finest quality and a superior experience. Our oil is pure with no solvent whatsoever. Our patented Ceramic Cell comes loaded with 1000mg of highly potent, super clean CO2 oil. The result of this state-of-art oil and ground breaking tank will make vaping taste just like dabbing, if not better.

Even our battery has been specially tailor for the tank. There are two circuit protection chips to insure the battery will charge and discharge safely. Also, we added a voltage adjuster inside the battery. Finally providing a consistent hit each and every time, regardless of battery life.

Give us a try and feel the difference!