• Acapulco Gold

    Acapulco Gold (AG)

    Acapulco Gold (AG) Looks: Very nice to the eye, Pale green with a hue of yellow , Orange hairs both light and dark are present. Furthermore, Looks like a orange and gold nugget, with patchy crystals.

  • Afghan Black Hash

    Afghan Black Hash

    It is worldwide legal, and it will be legal forever. Also it does NOT contain any THC, synthetic cannabinoids or other research chemicals. (like JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-250, AM-2209 etc.). Which is probably the best legal hash on the market. We only use natural, food quality materials.

  • afghan kush

    Afghan kush

    Afghan kush looks very nice to the eye, Pale green with a hue of yellow , Orange hairs both light and dark are present, looks like a orange and gold nugget, with patchy crystals.

  • AK 47

    AK 47

    AK 47 Despite its agressive name, the AK-47 strain has many positive qualities. The strain was name after the Russian Kalashnikov rifle for the “one hit” effects that the strain offers.

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck

    Also is actually a generic name for an old, mysterious hybrid strain that was originally known as Matanuska Thunder fuck. More recently to give the strain a more “PC” spin, it has been dub Matanuska Tundra, and if you happen to be in Alaska and want to come off like a local, just ask for Thunder.

  • Alice brownies

    Alice brownies

    Alice brownies from Sweet Mary Jane, this delicious brownie includes cranberries, orange zest, and white chocolate chips in a chewy Blondie base. Contains about 100 mg of THC.

  • Big S Oatmeal Cookie

    Big S Oatmeal Cookie

    Big S Oatmeal Cookie Fluffy cream filling sandwiched between 2 big crispy on the outside, chewy in the center oatmeal cookies. Contains approximately 100 mg of THC

  • blackberry kush

    Blackberry Kush

    Blackberry Kush is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent, especially considering its 20% THC content offering an amazing high. The buds are dense, covered by trichomes and red hairs (Blackberry kush).

  • Bloom Farms Highlighter Vape Kit

    Bloom Farms Highlighter Vape Kit

    To allow for easy vaping, a small amount of pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol is add. Each Highlighter cartridge and replacement cartridge comes with 400mg of oil formulated to have 40-45% THC.

  • Blue Dream

    Blue Dream

    Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid (80/20) that emanated from the stony beach community of Santa Cruz, CA. Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. In recent years, the strain has become quite popular.

  • Blue Dream Earwax

    Blue Dream Earwax

    Dry enough to pick up, can still dab it.
    Super light yellow color.
    STRONG blue dream smell and taste!!
    Only use vector butane and indoor small buds
    purge 4 times!! NO CRACKLE Melts perfect

  • Brownies ‘n Cream

    Brownies ‘n Cream



    oz cream cheese, softened (from 8 oz package)
    cup sugar
    teaspoon vanilla


    box (1 lb 6.25 oz) Betty Crocke Supreme original brownie mix
    Water, vegetable oil and eggs called for on brownie mix box
    cup semisweet chocolate chips