• Moroccan Primero Hash

    Moroccan Primero Hash

    Compared to other kinds of hash the taste is very mild. You’ll find it soft on the throat (especially in good varieties like Pollen or Zero-Zero) and reminds of excellent weed.

  • Moroccan Slate Hash

    Moroccan Slate Hash

    Quite variable, however generally quite hard. Usually Morocco sells in 0,5 – 1,5cm thick slabs. Zero-Zero is very soft, almost like Afghani.

  • Nepalese Stick Hash

    Nepalese Stick Hash

    You can expect a very physical and stony high. This is one of the best high quality hash strains in the world. Nepalese Stick Hash is always in the potent to very potent range.( about 11%-15% THC)

  • Netherlands Hash

    Netherlands Hash

    Potent to very potent, this stuff is better than any other kind of Hash available to the average user. It even beats most Nepali’s and nearly every kind Afghan. (Up to 59% THC)

  • Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

  • Og Kush

    OG Kush is just that old cat who is still fly as a motherfu*^er, a true OG. Definitely one of my all time favorites, and am really looking forward to getting my hands on some more. 5 Nugs for sure!

  • Orange Kush

    Orange Kush

    The effects of this strain certainly hint at its indica leanings: powerful euphoria, deep physical relaxation, happiness, sleepiness, and a potent case of the munchies. That alone makes this a great tool in treating eating or wasting disorders,

  • Paris Premium Flower: King Louis XIII OG

    Paris Premium Flower: King Louis XIII OG

  • Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express is chosen for medicinal purposes by patients and recreational users. Aside from easing stress and anxiety, it is great at lessening the symptoms of chronic depression as well. The strain has also been found effective in treating appetite and nausea issues.

  • Pink Paradise Cannabis Caps

    Pink Paradise Cannabis Caps

    • 35 mg THC
    • 3.67 mg CBD
    • 1.10 mg CBN
    • Oil is RSO full extract.

    Capsules come in 7’s, 14’s and 30 count. Takes approx 3 hours for effect.

  • high quality Plushberry


    Recreational users choose this strain if they want to feel good without getting trippy and locked to the couch. The balanced profile will produce a cerebral high while the body melt creeps in slowly.

  • Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter

    Purple Shock Tart Amber Shatter

    And of course, we equally carry the strongest, most effective, Connoisseur Grade Concentrates, oils, hashes, and other products.
    THC: 71.00 CBD: 1.00