Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

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The first Haze ranks as a vintage masterpiece of cannabis breeding. A harmonious blend of complementary equatorial genotypes which is widely refer as the purest and most powerful Sativa ever created. And Sensi´s original, award-winning Silver Haze Feminized Seeds strain. distilled the sunny cerebral magic of her towering parent into a manageable hybrid with great indoor potential.

Also, as a result of the program to breed a reliable, rewarding and ‘Hazier´ feminised version of the strain, Sensi Seeds makes Silver Haze #9 available to the public for the first time!

In addition Sensi´s first Silver Haze seed-strain help bring the psychedelic Sativa indoors. And her excellent performance under lights  is one of the major reasons Haze strain is still produce-after by today´s growers.

Silver Haze Feminized Seeds are seen as a fundamental cannabis variety and has a dedicated worldwide following. And some growers now seek a strain with as many of the original Haze qualities as possible, including the unique structure of the first examples.

Plants are tall and productive, with fabulous resin production and long, flowing buds that fill her stem and branches. Flower-formation is open, though not ‘airy´ – the fat calyxes that make up each bud give a good yield even from the classic Haze structure.

As an almost-pure Sativa, Silver Haze  can vegetate and bloom simultaneously in a flowering light-cycle.

This powerful growth can also be utilise to grow full-sized plants in close proximity, or to grow impressive ‘ScrOG´ plants. This strain also responds well to bending, training and ‘super-cropping´.

Needless to say, the most desirable aspect of the Haze family – the powerful. Sensual cerebral high – has been reinforce and breed in Sensi Silver Haze #9!